Dispill Packaging

Simplified, Safe & Convenient Multi-Dose Pharmacy Packaging

Even the most organized individuals still experience some level of human error. Some people may mix up dosages, while others may take wrong medication at the wrong time – both of which can result in hospitalization. Midtown Express Pharmacy mitigates risk by using Dispill Multi-Dose Packaging Systems . This patented med management system makes it easier to stay organized and take your medications.

How Does Dispill Help Mitigate Risk?

The answer is simple: thorough organization and easy-to-read details. Each push pack (or “blister pack”) contains not only the right medications for the right time, but also a detailed breakdown of what exactly is in each individual multi-dose package, the date/time you’re supposed to take that round of medications and your name Gone are the days of forgetting if you took your meds.

Each pill package is also detachable for convenience. Going away for the day or for a long weekend? You can easily bring along just the medications you need, instead of carrying around cumbersome prescription pill bottles. Keep it organized and keep yourself healthy!

Midtown Express Pharmacy Proudly Uses Dispill-Compliant Packaging Systems

Our Compounding Pharmacy uses Dispill-compliant packaging to make the lives of our valued patients easier and to improve overall safety. Our accountable, detail-oriented team receives your prescription, fills your prescription and places each round of medication into the multi-dose push packs.

Knowing you took the right medication at the right time? That’s called “peace of mind!”

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