Pharmacy Compounding

Customized Medications To Meet Your Unique Needs

At Midtown Express Pharmacy, we recognize that with medication as with clothes, one size does not fit all. A child needs a smaller dose than an adult; and even if your cat and dog weigh the same, their doses may be very different. Pharmacy compounding allows us to customize medications in unique dosage forms, using our extensive knowledge and special training and equipment not available at most pharmacies.


How Our Compounding Pharmacists Serve Clients

The extensive training of our compounding team allows us to offer:

  • Medications in dosage forms not commercially available, such as chewable gummies or transdermal gels
  • Unique dosage forms containing the precise dose of medication needed for a specific patient
  • Dosage forms that combine multiple medications into a single dose to simplify the
    administration process
  • Medications without additives, dyes, sugar, alcohol or other problematic ingredients
  • Unavailable medications that have been discontinued for reasons unrelated to safety

Accurate, Accountable Service in Handling Medication

At Midtown Express Pharmacy, all prescriptions are handled with the utmost care because your safety is our priority. Our professional technicians and dedicated pharmacists have the training and skills to offer maximum quality, accuracy, and consistency.

Our pharmacy staff has ongoing education and training in compounding, and we use the finest equipment. We carefully follow all the standards and regulations governing our industry to ensure our patients get the best possible care.

Compounding Specialties:

In short, we work with patients and their health care providers to customize medications for about every condition. If you don’t see your concern listed, contact us today to see how we can meet your unique needs.

For questions regarding our pharmacy compounding services, our commitment to quality and safety, or our ability to provide customized medications for you or your patients, reach out to us today to get the conversation started!