November 19, 2020

An Innovative Preparation for Elevating Female Sexual Experience

Scream cream is a compounded topical cream designed to help enhance the female sexual experience. The compounded cream works by increasing blood flow to the clitoris, which in turn increases its sensitivity and furthers the chance of orgasm during sex.

Scream cream usually consists of 2-3 different ingredients that, when combined, act synergistically to improve the female sexual experience and help overcome female sexual dysfunction . The most commonly used ingredients are arginine , aminophylline, menthol, testosterone and sildenafil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scream cream tends to generate a lot of questions from people hearing about it for the first time. We’re here to answer some of the more common ones.

Where do you apply scream cream?

Scream cream is applied to the clitoris and surrounding area. It’s generally recommended that you apply 30 minutes prior to intercourse.

Do you need a prescription for scream cream?

Yes, scream cream does require a prescription from a doctor. Please contact us online or call 615-320-8414 if you would like us to reach out to your doctor regarding a prescription.

How long does scream cream last?

Scream cream can enhance sensitivity to the clitoris for up to 2 hours, though results may vary.

Is scream cream covered by insurance?

Some insurances may cover prescriptions for scream cream.

Getting a Prescription for Scream Cream

If you’re in Nashville or one of the surrounding communities and are considering trying this female arousal medication, Midtown Express Pharmacy can work with you and your doctor to obtain a scream cream prescription. We offer convenient prescription delivery services in addition to standard in-person pickup.

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