May 5, 2020

Remembering to take a medication, by itself, doesn’t sound like a difficult task.

But remembering to take multiple medications at different times, without losing track of the 100 other things you have to remember over the course of the day, presents a challenge.

No matter your medication needs, Dispill Multi-Dose Packaging Systems cut medication-related stress to almost zero. These push-pack medication organizers are easy to transport and even easier to understand, and Midtown Express Pharmacy puts everything together to reduce guesswork on your part.

Save Time

Not only is it easy to transfer a prescription to Midtown Express Pharmacy for use with Dispill , taking your prescription is easy, too. When you use Dispill medication packaging, our pharmacist takes care of all the hard work. Once we get your prescription information, we fill every container with the proper dose; by the time it’s delivered to you, everything’s arranged. And if you’re taking a trip and don’t want to bring all your meds with you, each individual blister pack is detachable, so you can only bring the medication you need for the time you’ll be gone.

Stay Organized

Dispill makes it extraordinarily easy to know which medication to take when; almost all of the work is done for you. Each of the push packs in a single container includes a detailed description of its contents, including name of the medication and the day and time it is meant to be taken. They’re even color-coded for the time of day: morning, afternoon, evening, before bed. Depending on your individual situation, your package may also have clearly labeled packs for take-as-needed meds.

Eliminate Errors

There are many ways to mix up medications or doses, and Dispill packaging prevents most of them. You won’t have to worry about taking too much or too little medication: each individual blister pack contains the prescribed dose. Taking the wrong meds at the wrong time? Clearly labeled packs reduce the chances of this occurring. Medication errors cause a lot of hospitalizations, underscoring the importance of a system to avoid them, and knowing that aspect is being handled by a professional means less stress for you. Just having your Dispill container around can inform you and any health specialists of all the medications you take.

A Safe, Simple Solution

The benefits of blister packaging for medications include major reductions in time loss and stress. And for our patients, these added conveniences don’t cost a dime. At Midtown Express Pharmacy, Dispill sign-up is free. If that sounds good to you, head over to our sign-up page now and get started!

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