July 14, 2020

Midtown Express Pharmacy’s New Program for Diabetes Patients’ Comfort

Living with diabetes means maintaining constant vigilance with testing and medication. For a lot of patients, though, the cost of regularly testing blood sugar is prohibitive.

That’s why we, at Midtown Express Pharmacy, have established a new program to ship free diabetes supplies to patients in Nashville and the surrounding communities. Signing up is easy and you can be added to the delivery schedule in a matter of days.

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Which Diabetic Supplies Are Included for Free?

Patients who sign up for our free diabetes testing supplies can easily check their blood sugar at home. Our supply kits provide one free talking meter each year, as well as 100 test strips or lancets monthly. Patients who wish to receive more than 100 test strips or lancets monthly pay $5 per box.

How to Sign Up for Diabetic Supplies Delivery

Joining our testing supply program is easy. To start the process, simply fill out our short, easy-to-complete form. A pharmacy staffer will quickly be in touch to arrange for the shipping of your supplies. Then, your order should be shipped within 72 hours.

All supplies are shipped for home delivery, and we can arrange contactless delivery if preferred.

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Why This Service is a Priority for Us

Finances are an issue for many patients with diabetes, who may check their blood sugar less often – or not at all – due to the associated cost of the equipment . The long-term negative effects of neglecting testing can be fearsome – hospitalization, amputations, blindness, etc. – and if our team at Midtown Express Pharmacy can prevent patients from going through these negative effects, we will. Our free diabetes supply program is designed to remove one of the key barriers patients may face, keeping them healthier and giving them one less thing to worry about.

Fulfilling the Needs of Our Customers with Diabetes

The free supplies program is part of our commitment to all of the patients we serve who have diabetes. In addition to supplies, patients can get all of their medications filled through our medication synchronization refill program, including free compliance packaging. The free supplies program is open to anyone with diabetes, though recipients are not required to fill their prescriptions through Midtown Express.

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Let Us Help You Manage Your Diabetes

As Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes continue to affect more people of all ages, it’s important for those dealing with the condition to take proper care of themselves to avoid serious health consequences. We want to make it as easy as possible for patients to take proper care, and delivering free diabetes testing supplies is part of our goal. Reach out to Midtown Express Pharmacy today to begin the process and get on the path to free testing supplies – and better management of your diabetes.

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