What About Generic Viagra?

At $50/tablet, those pricey blue pills leave many feeling blue. However, when it comes to the new generic Viagra 100mg tablet, you likely see red!

Beware of Single-Source Generic Manufacturers!

This December, Teva Pharmaceutical will be the sole “Single-Source” generic manufacturer to offer generic Viagra (sildenafil), in 50mg and 100mg tablets until the year 2020.

But at What Cost?

Since Teva Pharmaceutical will be the only company selling generic Viagra tablets at 50mg and 100mg doses, they can do it for a pretty penny. Single-source generics generally only drop about 20% in cost from top name brands. We estimate their generic 100mg tablet to retail at around $40/tablet. Not much of a discount!

Spend Less & Get More with Midtown Express Pharmacy!

Midtown Express Pharmacy offers generic Sildenafil in 20mg tablets for as low as $2/tablet. For a 100mg dosage (5 tablets), the cost is only $10. This saves patients $30 in comparison to Teva Pharmaceutical’s generic 100mg dosage.

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A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.
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