Hormone Replacement Therapy

Targeted Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing provided by Midtown Express Pharmacy

If you have never taken Bio-Identical Hormones, you may be eligible to receive 90 days FREE! Click here for more information.

We specialize in providing counseling to women and men concerning customized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Information on hormone testing, education on the roles hormones play in our bodies and the types of hormones available today are often provided. A thorough patient history is taken and along with symptoms and saliva/serum test results; a customized recommendation for therapy is provided to you and your physician. We work with men and women of all ages and life stages; from PMS to perimenopause and menopause; male hypergonadism to andropause.

We cannot prescribe any medications. If necessary, we will work with your physician to obtain a prescription. . 

Consultations are by appointment only and are done in person or on the telephone; whichever is more convenient for our patient. Call or email one of our pharmacists today and let us know how we can help you along the path to good health!

To help us thoroughly evaluate you for a hormone consultation, please complete and submit the Health & Symptom Assessment below prior to your scheduled appointment.

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  • Complete your confidential Health & Symptom Assessment
  • Maintain your own Patient Health Diary
  • Track the progress of your symptoms with color-coded charts
  • Communicate with us via our Secure Messaging System
  • Access our BHRT Education and Audio-Video library

A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.
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