Dr. Henry’s supplement line was created by our pharmacist, Henry Dunklau, Pharm.D. When he started his retail pharmacy, he developed an interest in high-quality supplements for his patients. He discovered that many supplements his patients were taking were low grade and the nutrients are not optimally absorbed from these products. Dr. Henry started developing relationships with vitamin manufacturers in the United States and learning more about sourcing high quality, safe, highly absorbable ingredients. Dr. Henry’s was launched in 2016 with a determination to provide the highest quality products with the best ingredients. The prenatal vitamin was the first product created in the line, based on the need in the Nashville area. More products will be developed in the future.

About Dr. Henry’s Prenatal Plus

YOUR ESSENTIAL AID FOR A HEALTHY PREGNANCY! Our premium, high potency capsules will naturally boost your body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients; all of them necessary for both you and your baby during pregnancy and lactation!

ADVANCED FORMULA FOR MAXIMUM ABSORPTION! – Formulated by pharmacists, our innovative blend contains, among other organic ingredients, a vegetable digestive enzyme complex, which ensures maximum absorption, while being gentle on your stomach!

PERFECT FOR VEGANS & VEGETARIANS! – Prenatal Plus is an all-natural, non-GMO, hypoallergenic supplement, suitable for people with sensitivities and allergies. It is also gluten-free, hence ideal for vegan and vegetarian mothers and mothers-to-be!

STRICTLY ORGANIC INGREDIENTS! – At Dr. Henry’s, we believe that nature is the richest source of powerful ingredients. That’s why our prenatal supplement contains only 100% natural, organic ingredients, including methylfolate, the highest quality form of folic acid!

BENEFIT FROM OUR INCREDIBLE OFFER! – Each Prenatal Plus bottle contains 60 high-quality vitamin capsules, and we have given our best in order to offer you the best price possible! You don’t want to miss this chance; place your order today!

About Dr. Henry’s Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil

HIGH STRENGTH: Our potent fish oil supplements have 3-4x more Omega3 fatty acid per serving (2 caps)

HEALTH BENEFITS: Fish oils help improve your heart and brain health, joints, mood, skin and hair

NO FISHY TASTE: Enteric coated to prevent fish burps and help your body absorb the nutrients better

PURIFIED FORMULA: Molecular distillation gives you the best purity free from heavy metals and more

PREMIUM QUALITY: Our advanced support fish oil for men and women is third party tested for safety