Top Three CBD Tinctures

Thinking about trying a CBD tincture for pain relief? You will be joining the thousands of Americans who rely on CBD tinctures to ease muscular tension, reduce inflammation, and improve their overall health.

Whether you are a seasoned CBD expert, or you are researching CBD for the first time, this blog post gives you a definitive guide to finding a CBD tincture for you.

What is CBD, and how do I use it?

CBD is a natural chemical in the cannabinoid family. While it comes from the same plant as the marijuana most of us are familiar with, it is not the same as THC—the psychotropic compound in marijuana—and is not a psychotropic itself. As such, using a CBD product is not the same as smoking marijuana and will not provide a “high.”

CBD works in the body through the endocannabinoid system which has a series of CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. CBD can attach to these receptors and interact with other systems, fighting inflammation, pain and anxiety while also providing antioxidant benefits. These therapeutic properties can help with acute and chronic conditions ranging from common arthritis to epilepsy to cancer.

There are a wide range of CBD products on the market ranging from topicals to edibles to tinctures. Here’s a brief description of the three most popular options:

  1. CBD capsules- CBD capsules provide effective relief for intense symptoms including seizures—they are derived from a hemp-based CBD and should not have an intoxicating effect. CBD capsules are most likely to be used for more intense ailments and can be effective for Parkinson’s, Epilepsy and other chronic conditions. Some forms of CBD capsules have been perfected by pharmaceutical companies and are now used as prescription drugs to treat a variety of problems.
  2. CBD tinctures—The focus of this article, CBD tinctures provide relief by dropping a bit of oil under the tongue. CBD tinctures absorb systemically, like the capsules, and provide relief that is less concentrated but faster acting than that of CBD capsules since they can go directly through the skin under the tongue into the blood stream rather than going through the digestive system. Like capsules, but unlike topicals, CBD tinctures can provide relief for systemic issues like seizures—unlike CBD topicals. Like capsules, tinctures should not have an intoxicating effect.
  3. CBD topicals—CBD topicals provide topical relief to the skin, tissues, and muscles. They work well for musculoskeletal pain but are not absorbed as systemically as some other options, as such they are excellent for arthritis but may not be as effective for conditions like epilepsy. They may contain THC, but should not have an intoxicating effect. However—THC is more carefully regulated than CBD, so check with your local government if you have questions.


How do I choose a CBD Tincture?

Just like selecting any therapeutic product, there are several important factors to remember when choosing a CBD tincture. Additionally, because CBD is relatively unregulated it may require more research than usual to ensure a quality product.

  1. The most important thing about a CBD tincture is ensuring it includes actual CBD! The FDA recently did a study that showed many products labeled CBD or hemp infused don’t actually contain the therapeutic compound. Remember to check for a specific dosage of CBD and if you have further questions check the FDA studies, which have been published online.
  2. Whenever possible, buy a CBD tincture that is made in America from American-grown plants. The regulations are tighter and the quality-control is more aggressive so you are more likely to get a good product.
  3. Buy organic whenever possible. CBD tinctures go straight to the bloodstream, so you want to avoid any chemicals absorbing along with it! If you are buying an American tincture, look for USDA-certified organic products, since they adhere to strict guidelines, regulations and inspections.
  4. Look for full spectrum CBD oil if you can find it since this provides the most effective healing, pain relief and anxiety relief.
  5. CBD tinctures have a wide variety of flavors, so be sure to find one you can tolerate. Some options are unflavored and as such taste very strongly of hemp. Others have flavorings added and may have little to no hemp aftertaste.
  6. Always select an option that has been independently lab tested, and look at the results thoroughly before you buy!


Cautions for Using CBD Tinctures

Because CBD tinctures are not officially regulated or approved to treat any disease use caution and remember that they are not a replacement for medical care. If you are using CBD to help with a chronic condition please consult your doctor to ensure that the tincture will be effective and will not interfere with any other medications you are taking.

A word about dosage: CBD tinctures typically contain a specific, measured amount of CBD. However, please use caution when determining how much and how strong of a tincture is right for you. While CBD overdose is not particularly dangerous it can cause severe drowsiness and lethargy or, in extreme cases, even nausea and vomiting.

The Top Three Tinctures Reviewed:

There are many tinctures on the market and these are just a few of the top options. Without further ado, here is a comprehensive review of 3 good CBD tincture choices available online.

This tincture is based on hemp-derived CBD. It provides a measured dosage with three different strengths available, providing options for different concentrations so you can adjust the intensity based on your needs. This tincture is independently lab tested to ensure quality—with the results readily available—and includes only CBD oil, orange oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and hemp seed oil. It is all natural and has a pleasant orange flavor with little to no aftertaste. The hemp is grown in Colorado and the tincture is manufactured in the United States. This tincture also includes a risk-free trial offer.

This tincture provides full spectrum CBD without any psychotropic THC. This tincture comes in a measured dosage but does not come in multiple strength, making it harder to adjust for your needs. It is independently tested for quality –with the results readily available online—and is made from hemp grown in Kentucky. It has a strong hemp flavor and contains only CBD oil, hemp seed oil, and a botanical terpene blend.

Charlotte’s Web is a reputable brand that makes a wide range of CBD products, and this product maintains the high standard they set. This oil has a great chocolate-mint taste and is made of only CBD oil, coconut oil, and organic flavoring. It is also available in an unflavored form. The tincture made from Colorado-grown hemp comes in two strengths and a measured dosage so it is easy to adjust for your needs. The independent test results are available to check quality, but you must request them from the company.


If you’re considering using a CBD tincture follow these steps:

First: Evaluate the reasons you are interested. Do you have joint pain? Muscle pain? Gastrointestinal distress? Seizures? Is the pain chronic or sporadic? Is the pain well controlled when you take or use other medications or products? Is the pain accompanied by anxiety?

Next: Evaluate the products available that may meet your needs. Do you need systemic relief or only topical? Would you like relief that is fast or more thorough? Are you willing to tolerate a hemp-y taste or would you rather swallow a capsule? And so on.

Finally: Consult your doctor. While not all doctors work in CBD products, they are always the first person you should ask about pain relief. Be sure that the CBD products will treat your specific condition and will not interact with any other medications before using.


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