Top CBD Oil Products for Pets Reviewed

There’s been a lot of talk about CBD oil lately, but what is it exactly and does it do?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychotropic, all-natural chemical derived from the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. The main way that CBD heals and calms the body is through its anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help the skin, muscles and other tissues—it is often used to help with arthritis and joint pain. Along with this, CBD oil can be used to regulate a variety of body processes and because of this it can help fight epilepsy. Because of its antioxidant properties, CBD oil can also help reduce free radicals and fight cancer.

Humans, like other mammals, have a series of CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout the body. These make up something called the endocannabinoid system, which processes CBD and other cannabinoids. CBD and other cannabinoids can latch into these receptors and that is how CBD provides its inflammation, pain and anxiety relief benefits. These receptors also allow CBD to interact with other systems in the body—primarily the central nervous system and the immune system—to fight inflammation and provide whole-body benefits.

CBD Oil products for pets: How do they work?

Pets like dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system just like humans. And because of this CBD can provide pain relief, anti-inflammatory benefits, and other therapeutic properties to these animals.

Pets get sick just like humans do and there are eight specific conditions that CBD is especially well suited to treating. These conditions include common ailments like anxiety, gastric distress and arthritis and more serious diseases like epilepsy and cancer. CBD works to help these conditions by combatting the inflammation that causes pain in conditions like arthritis and giving calming benefits to pets who struggle with separation anxiety or are scared of thunderstorms.

Because CBD oil fights free radicals it can also help if a pet has cancer and has been shown to stop seizures in pets with epilepsy. CBD oil can also provide overall pain and anxiety relief for older pets suffering from a range of ailments.

It’s worth noting that CBD is not an officially approved treatment for any specific disease in either animals or humans. However, it is frequently recommended by veterinarians and used by pet owners to help with pain, anxiety, and seizures.

CBD Oil products for pets: What products are available?

Because most pets don’t like the taste of CBD it can be difficult to ensure your pet actually takes their medicine without making too much of a fuss. Because of the growing demand for CBD pet products, manufacturers have a variety of products available to keep your pet’s tail wagging! Options include oil tinctures, treats, and topical creams that can be rubbed directly onto sore joints.

CBD Oil Products for Pets—The Best Brands

King Kanine CBD is a great line of CBD product for pets and is marketed specifically for dogs. It comes in a variety of forms including sprays and balms in addition to the traditional tinctures. King Kanine also makes CBD infused dog treats.

King Kanine provides a variety of specific dosages for pets, which can make choosing and administering the correct dose for your furry friend simpler and reduce the risk of giving too much CBD and causing side effects.

King Kanine is already well known for their grooming products like anti-shedding combs and their CBD specific line has won a lot of awards. King Kanine provides a reliable pick for pain relief and anxiety relief made just for dogs.

Holista Pet is new on the scene of CBD products for pets and is getting a lot of positive reviews. Holista Pet is a great budget option with similar quality to other brands but lower prices. The line includes oils, treats, and capsules. They have specific products designed for dogs and others designed for cats.

Holista Pet also has measured dose capsules available for both dogs and cats of various sizes, which can help owners decide and administer the correct dosage. Their CBD is sourced exclusively from Colorado and is third-party lab tested to ensure their high quality.

HempMy Pet provides high quality, organic CBD products for pets. The company grows their own hemp to produce CBD—which may give it an edge over other CBD brands for pets since the sourcing is so transparent. HempMy Pet also has a rigorous testing process to ensure the excellent quality of their products.

HempMy Pet provides CBD oils, CBD-infused coconut oil and a variety of CBD infused pet treats. Unlike Holista Pet and King Kanine however, HempMy Pet does not provide a variety of dosage options for various sized pets.

Canna-Pet is an established player in the CBD-for-pets space. Canna-Pet has more reviews than almost any other CBD product for pets—including a wide variety of user-generated stories about specific pets who have benefited from their CBD products. They have a wide range of products for dogs, cats and even horses including treats and measured-dose capsules. However, they do not have as wide a range of available doses as some other companies like King Kanine and Holista Pet.

Canna-Pet also has a Maxhemp line of products for pets who need extra-strength relief or improved absorption. The site also provides helpful articles and information about CBD for pets. Canna-Pet is the biggest company in the CBD for pets space and has a large customer following.

Not sure what to choose? Things To Consider When Picking CBD Oil Products for Pets

  1. The most important thing to check when selecting CBD products for your pets is that it actually contains CBD. If you are particularly concerned be sure to take a look at the specific FDA letters detailing which companies were mislabeling their products. Beyond this, just keep in mind that products that are only labeled “hemp infused” and do not specify the mg of CBD contained may not actually include the therapeutic compound.
  2. Dosage is absolutely critical when selecting and providing CBD to your pet. The correct dosage is based on your pet’s size. In short, don’t give something made for a horse to a cat. Even though CBD is not psychotropic like THC it can cause fatigue, nausea and vomiting if pets get too high a dose. Use the lowest dose possible to give your pet the relief they need, starting with about 1 drop of tincture per 10 pounds of animal. Don’t forget that CBD may not provide instant relief, so you should give your pet at least one week to adjust to each dosage before deciding whether or not it is sufficient.
  3. Whenever possible, work with a veterinarian when selecting CBD products for your pets. Not every veterinarian supports the use of CBD products, but many are open to it and some are even specialists. Even if your veterinarian doesn’t support the use of CBD it is still wise to check in with them since they are the most informed person to help you care for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Closing Thoughts—Is CBD Right for Your Pet?

CBD oil has a variety of therapeutic benefits for pets. These range from helping aging animals with cancer and arthritis to calming a nervous puppy’s anxiety. CBD can even help with serious diseases like epilepsy or everyday challenges like allergic itching. There are many ways your pet can benefit from CBD, especially if your pet is getting older. There are many options when choosing CBD for your pet ranging from quick use topicals to tinctures and treats. Talk to your veterinarian to see if CBD is right for your furry friend.

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