9 Best CBD Dog Treats For Your Pup

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural chemical derived from the hemp plant. CBD is not the same as THC—which is the psychotropic compound in marijuana—and does not carry the same risks associated with THC. As such, using a CBD product is not equivalent to smoking marijuana.

Like humans, pets can suffer from a wide variety of ailments. And because many pets—including dogs—are mammals, CBD can provide pain relief and inflammation relief through their endocannabinoid system. There are eight specific things that CBD is especially well-suited to treat. These include: arthritis, allergies, gastric distress, cancer, anxiety, general pain and inflammation, epilepsy, and infectious diseases.

CBD oil helps with overall pet wellness but also combats the inflammation causing pain in arthritis, gastric distress, and infectious diseases. It provides calming properties for anxious pets and has antioxidant properties that can reduce free radicals in pets with cancer. It can even be beneficial for pets who suffer from seizures.

CBD is not an FDA approved treatment for any specific disease—in pets or in humans—but is often recommended by veterinarians and pet owners to help with the pain of growing old and specific diseases.

What kind of CBD products are available for dogs?

The most common CBD product for pets is an oil tincture which is dropped under your pet’s tongue. CBD for pets is also available in topical balms that can be spread over your pet’s skin—which can be especially helpful for treating arthritic joints. CBD oil is often available in pet treats as well. This article will focus on the pet treats, which are a quick, safe and easy way to administer CBD oil to your furry friend. These treats are readily available online.

Dosage is very important when selecting CBD products for pets—even when selecting something as seemingly innocuous as a treat! The correct dosage varies based on your pet’s size and you cannot give something designed for a horse to a dog without risking severe and unpleasant side effects for your furry friend. CBD does not have the same risk for pets as THC, but improper dosing can result in drowsiness and even cause nausea and vomiting. Generally speaking, you should start with the lowest dose possible and then slowly increase until your pet has the relief they need. Be sure to give each dose you try at least a week for your pet to adjust and symptoms to abate before increasing the dose.

A quick review of the best CBD dog treats

With so many CBD options out there, it can be hard to find reliable, safe dog treats online that are sure to contain the right amount of CBD and have the right dosage for your dog. This list is a compilation of CBD dog treats that go above and beyond to reassure their customers of the high-quality ingredients and responsible dosing. However, always consult your pediatrician before administering any of these options to your pet. As with any online medical related purchase, getting an expert’s opinion is best before beginning treatment.

1. Canna-Pet Canna-Biscuits for Dogs Maple Bacon

These naturally flavored treats could quickly become a favorite for your pooch. They include natural cannabinoids and are part of Canna-Pet’s highly esteemed line of CBD products for your pet. Canna-Pet features stories of pets that have benefitted from their products and focuses on using CBD in conjunction with nutritious treats. Be sure to check the dosage on these treats to ensure they are the right size for your pet, and be cautious if your pet struggles with grains because while these are wheat free, they do contain barley.

2. Treatibles Pumpkin Hemp Wellness Dog Chews

These biscuits are bright orange, flavored with pumpkin, and shaped like dog bones—perfect for fall! The pumpkin is paired with natural peanuts to provide a taste that dogs absolutely love. These treats do contain CBD, but also have turmeric for extra anti-inflammatory power. Again, be sure to check the CBD content to make sure it is appropriate for your pet, and as above, use caution if your pet is sensitive to grains as these contain brown rice and oats.

3. RxCBD CBD Dog Treats

For picky pups, these chicken-soup based treats are sure to be a hit. These CBD-infused treats include parsley to improve your dog’s breath and hemp hearts for an extra boost of nutrition. They are gluten-free but do contain brown rice.

4. Hemp Health Inc. Hemp CBD Bacon Dog Treats

Another bacon-y treat for your furry friend! These treats are not gluten-free, but they do provide a great option for pups who are okay eating wheat. Each treat contains a measured 4mg dose of CBD—which makes selecting the right amount for your pet simple, quick, and easy.

5. Hemp Fields Farm CBD-Rich Dog Treats

These gluten-free treats are peanut butter flavored and contain carrots for extra nutrients. They also have a measured amount of CBD-per-biscuit with 5mg each. All the CBD is derived from Colorado-cultivated hemp.

6. Pet Releaf Kale and Carrot CBD Hemp Oil Edibites

Each treat contains 1.5mg of European-sourced CBD oil. The kale and carrots provide extra nutrition while allowing for easy, measured dosage. While gluten-free, these treats do contain barley flour so be careful with pets who are sensitive to grains.

7. Honest Paws Calming CBD Dog Treats

No-nonsense treats made in a variety of flavors, these provide full-spectrum CBD oil in three levels of potency so you can choose the right dose for your pet. They are specially formulated to help with canine anxiety.

8. Healthy Hemp Pet Company CannaNatural

These grain-free treats are a great option for pups with sensitive stomachs. They contain a measured 2mg of CBD per treat for easy dosing and have sweet potato for nutrition and salmon oil for both flavor and to ensure your dog has a nice, smooth coat.

9. Austin and Kat Hemp Biscuits

These handmade biscuits are peanut-butter-and-apple flavored. They come in 2mg-per-biscuit or 5mg-per-biscuits strengths to serve a wide variety of dog sizes. They are gluten-free but do contain rice flour and oat flour. The CBD in these treats is sourced exclusively from European hemp.


CBD oil has a variety of therapeutic benefits for dogs. These include helping aging animals suffering from cancer or arthritis, helping with allergies or anxiety, or fighting epilepsy and easing seizures. There are a variety of CBD oil products available for dogs including the tasty treats reviewed here. For more information about other CBD oil products for pets—check out the article titled Top CBD Oil Products for Pets Reviewed.

If you are curious about the benefits of CBD dog treats and whether or not they could help your pet consider taking these steps.

First, you should evaluate your pet’s current condition: consider pain, inflammation, itching seizures, mobility, anxiety levels, and any chronic illnesses or ailments. Once you’ve taken inventory, evaluate whether or not your pet could be more comfortable. If you think you could be doing more for your pet’s quality of life then it’s time to consider talking to your veterinarian about CBD options that could help your furry friend feel better. Remember—CBD is not officially approved to treat any disease and your veterinarian is always the best source of advice for your pet’s health.

Please don’t forget to check with your local government regarding regulations surrounding CBD usage, especially in pets as laws can vary.

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