SyncRx & Compliance Packaging

SyncRx Synchronized Prescription Refill ServiceSimplify Your Life with SyncRx Synchronized Prescription Refill Service!

How can SyncRx change your life?

With SyncRx, Midtown Express Pharmacy can reduce your stress and save you time by filling all of your prescriptions, vitamins and supplements on the same day every month. Instead of making multiple trips to the pharmacy each month, we synchronize ALL your prescriptions to be ready on whatever day you choose, once per month. We'll even deliver them to your home! Midtown Express handles everything- from calling your physician, to transferring prescriptions, ensuring you never run out of your medications. Let us make your life easier.

How does SyncRX work?

There are several easy steps:

  1. One of our SyncRx specialists will meet with you to identify your maintenance medications that you take daily and to see how we might be able to save you money.
  2. We help you choose a date of the month that works best for you.
  3. We call you 5-7 days prior to your refill date and confirm the order and to be sure that nothing is new or has changed.
  4. We call the doctor for needed refills ahead of time.
  5. We fill the prescriptions and have them ready for pickup or we offer FREE delivery on the refill date.
  6. If you would like for us to package your medications for you based on the time you take it each day, then we have special compliance bubble packaging that is available for only $10/month.

How do I enroll in the SyncRx program?

Simply call us at 615-320-8410 to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our SyncRx specialists.

A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.
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